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[edit] Noriko's Blog

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[edit] ひとりぼっちじゃなかった。I wasn't alone (link)

[edit] March 5, 2008

家族も友人もいなくて謎だらけの中にいるのは、私一人じゃなかった。I’m not alone. 世界中で、Trovu La Ringonの刺青があり、全く記憶のない、私を含む6人が、皆同じ日にラビリンスで目が覚めた。Five others。偶然ではないと思う。私達に、何が起こっているんでしょうか。。。? What is going on?

(translation by kosmopol (video), rupaZer0 (text))
Hello people, my name is Noriko.
I want to thank you for your help - in comments and in emails you gave me a feeling I am not too alone. (English: thank you, you make me feel not alone).

After that, this "Trovu La Ringon Perditan" is Esperanto and means "Find the lost ring". In Japanese "ring" could be 指輪 (jewelry :ring), but I don't really understand, whether it is that meaning in English. (looks around) Are here something like that?... Anyway, :something roundish or circle.

And I was really schocked about knowing there are more people out there with the same problem. Look, they had all memories lost, :everybody has the same tatoo... It's still difficult, but I want more communication with people from now.

And there is one thing I've remembered: Sophrosune696. I was running 16 kilometers long. And in this time I hade :very clear mind. So I think, if I'll continue this exercise, I could recall more things.

So thank you people for your help!
I'm without family or friends in the middle of a puzzle, and wasn't alone. I'm not alone. Across the world, there are six people including me with Trouvu la Ringon tattoos, and absolutely no memory, and all of us woke up on the same day in a Labyrinth. Five others. I think this isn't by chance. What could have happened to us? What is going on?

Tags: のりこ 迷宮 記憶喪失 noriko ラビリンス 迷宮 のりこ labyrinth perditan noriko trovu 刺青 ringon 記憶喪失 迷宮 ラビリンス のりこ 刺青 amnesia のりこ labyrinth ラビリンス postcard sophrosune_696 tatoo 刺青 タトゥー のりこ tatoo amnesia 葉書 記憶喪失 la

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