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[edit] July 14
我觉得很抱歉,但是你们上星期的记录不能算是世界记录。其实你们已经非常非常非常的接近!Almost There!!! 但是因为经过一些其他的运动员的察看和Eli的鑑定,你们不是少跑了一圈,就是形状似乎不太对。而且你们好像是从外往内跑,而这个运动应该是要从中心往外跑。其实我也没发觉。我兴奋都来不及了...!!!但是请你们万万不可放弃。因为你们实在是太接近打破世界记录的关卡了。请你们到我的遗失圆环经典的第五章,照著第二张的左上角那个图,依样画葫芦的画在地上,从中心往外跑!千万不要放弃!!!我相信你们一定可以完成这个任务的!!!加油喔!

I feel that I am sorry, but you last week's record can not be regarded as the world record. In fact, you have very, very very close! Almost There!!! However, because of a number of other athletes and see the identification of Eli, you are not running a small circle, that is, the shape does not seem right. But you is like from the outside to the inside running, and this campaign should be run out from the center. In fact, I did not find that. I am excited about all too late ...! ! ! But please you must not give up. Because it is too close to you to break the world record levels. I ask you to the missing ring classic chapter V,照着second that the top-left corner of the map,依样画葫芦paintings on the ground, running from the center out! Do not give up! ! ! I think you will be able to complete this task! ! ! Refueling!

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