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[edit] June 26, 2:21pm
I can't wait to finally meet some of you at the lost sport training event in London this Sunday. There are already over 120 athletes signed up... I hope we can start to get our 7-circuit times closer to the other worlds'!! They're racing the 7-circuit a full minute faster than we are!! Has anyone gotten under 1:30 yet?
In the meantime, Eli and I both received very curious messages... thought you guys might have some ideas about it. Do we have a new ally? If so, I'm excited! But who is this mystery person?? We definitely need help getting our fastest times faster...
Dear Ariadne,
You've never met me, but I met someone like you many years ago, just once, but it was one of the strangest conversations I've ever had. She didn't know as much as you do. She only knew she had to be in Los Angeles that year, and that she had a mission she couldn't complete alone. I don't think she got any further than that, and I didn't know enough to help her then. I had my own race to run.
To be honest, I forgot all about her. But seeing your "Hello world" video, and watching your "lost sport" videos, I remembered. And I think I finally understand. I think there have been athletes like you for many, many years, playing on the sidelines of the Games. I think many Olympic athletes such as myself have met many Olympic travelers such as yourself. But who knows if any of us every really understood that your games were as important as ours.
Well, I can't make sense of it all. But I have a degree in physics, and the lore of the athletic multiverse intrigues me. The physics does make sense. It works. The codex is a strange text, but a logical one.
I would like to help you and your friends.
I know what it feels like to run for the gold. I know how to focus in the heat of competition. I know how to win against the best of the best.
If you could use the help of an Olympic champion, I am here to play with you.
Eli's was almost identical.
The writer's email address is Who could it be? A real Olympic champion, do you think?
Anyone want to chat him up and find out more?

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