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// Ariadne via Email responding to Brodie (Apr 7/08)
In response to:
an email regarding my parallel geography theory (unfiction post):
I know we've been on and on about the six different locations; I even have them memorised (Madrid, London, Boston, Rio, Toronto, Copenhagen).


With the discovery of this new postcard, and the explanation of the co-ordinates, I'm thinking... that the five other co-ordinates? Are the location of Warren and Madrid in the other worlds.

Forget the other place names.

When you look at chapter 10, PARALLEL GEOGRAPHY, it shows that the location of Paris on Gaea is N48 o 44'00. On Pangaea, it is different. On Pangaea, it is 55 o 45'N , 37 o 36'E. Naturally, this co-ordinate would map to a different place on our world.

This means that on the other four world-types (Nuna, Pangaea Ultima, Kenorland and Gondwana), Paris' location would be different again - giving us four more co-ordinates.


That means that when the postcard said 'We are here', that is where we are in Gaea - ie. Madrid/Warren. When it said 'and here', it referred to where we are in the other world-types - ie. Madrid/Warren in other worlds.

And THAT, mon amis, is my theory.

If you follow it on, it begins to make sense.

It means that where London/Boston/Rio/Toronto/Copenhagen are on our world, is where Madrid is on other world-types. Same goes for the deciphered co-ordinates on Monica's second postcard (Munich, Toulouse, Oran, Madison and Brasilia in our world correspond to Warren on the other world-types).
brodie, WOW.
i think you have successfully solved this sofia mission. and i think we need a tool to play with moving layers of continents around to test alignment theories. let me see if i can explain this to kai...
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