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[edit] Monica's Photos from Alfredo's room

  • Monica posted a message in Diego's froum
  • She visited her aunt again and made some photos of things she found in Alfredo's room.
  • She also sent Tenchizard the photos in higher qualty
[edit] El contenido //

[edit] Mapa // Map

On Top:
On Bottom:
handwritten note: node no. 16
[edit] Mapa papel fino // Map on tracing paper

Elizabeth123 said

You can see how the map appears to be 3 discontinuous segments. My guess is that the left side of the map, nearest the labyrinths, is Lake Huron (left), Lake Erie (bottom), with Ontario as the land in between and the bottom tip of Lake Ontario jutting to the right of this land. If this is right, the other segments, center and right, seem to be something else pasted over top. The center section looks a lot like the eastern side of Michigan flipped backwards (and pasted in the wrong spot), with the west side of Lake Huron jutting into the land.

Dante followed with

The rightmost section is a partial map of Missouri's western edge, with Arkansas at the bottom and Kansas and Oklahoma on the left and Iowa on top.

Biggest city on Map 1 would be Toronto. Detroit would be in lower left corner.
Biggest city on Map 2 would be Saginaw, this map is backwards.
Biggest city on Map 3 would be Kansas City.

NOTE: There may be a fourth map to the left of the Toronto/Detroit/Lake Erie/Lake Huron map.
It looks like a coast, with lots of lines showing distances from port to port.
However, the peninsula at the top doesn't look like Seattle, San Francisco, or Los Angeles.

[edit] Otro mapa //

On Top: handwritten note One journey to Create the Omphalos
On Top: Statesman's Year-Book 1901 RAILWAYS, NAVIGABLE WATERS. & STEAMSHIP ROUTES Plate 3
Left side: handwritten note: One rock, covered by a net, with at least 27 knots
[edit] Postal por delante // Postcard front

On Front:
Names and their Meanings
(????)Greek name; meaning Giver of Light
handwritten note: anabel^
[edit] Postal reverso // Postcard back

On Back:
Postmark: WARREN, NOV 28 1908, 3-30P, OHIO
//  via Postcard (Nov 28, 1908)

When we run the labyrinth in this world, we must know where we are in the other worlds.
My team is here in this world: N 41º 14.172, W080º 48.76824
Rakhee has calculated we are also here: N48º 8,39994, E011º 34.8
and here: N43º37.19994, E001º27.0
and here: N35º40.99986, W000º36
and here: N43º4.452, W089º24.039
and here: S15º46.8, W047º54.6
Our calculations are by now very imprecise, we depend on what Micha sees, when she can run the labyrinth on the fault lines. We are not yet always sure of what we see, nor if we are associating the aligning points correctly
  • The new locations are (see also Jorge's_Postcard)
    • N 41º 14.172, W080º 48.76824 --> Warren, OHIO, USA
    • N48º 8,39994, E011º 34.8 --> Munich, Germany
    • N43º37.19994, E001º27.0 --> Toulouse, France
    • N35º40.99986, W000º36 --> Oran, Algeria
    • N43º4.452, W089º24.039 --> Madison, WI, USA
    • S15º46.8, W047º54.6 --> Brasília, Brazil

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