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// James (June 30/08)
In response to:
Theo Mission Teams
OK everyone... I know that MrJudkins is within HOURS of picking up whatever it is that he's going to find in Wellington...and I can't WAIT to hear what he finds... but I checked the voicemail again tonight to see if there was anything about the decoy message you all left... nothing... phew...
but there was the attached message. Am I crazy? or did I hear La Sesa Ringo in there?!? I have no idea what language it is in though...
Anyways, I copied it to my computer again but didn't delete it this time...but if this is what I think it is, then I'll go in and delete it, and we should find someone to leave a new message in its place.
Let me know what you all think!

[edit] Attachment

A mp3 file was attached with important information how to get Lost Ring Number Two.

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