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[edit] April 1, 02:53

Wir müssen alle lernen, wie man das Labyrinth navigiert. Diese Sache geht nicht nur uns an, sondern euch auch.

(video translation by AUZ505)
I think now it is clear that I am not a normal person with amnesia. There is too much proof for the opposite. Now I know it. Now it is clear for me. I am from another world. In this world I have no past. In this world I have no friends. In this world I have to fulfill a mission.

I know that I was frightend. I wanted to hide. I don't wanted to be involved with the labyrinth. But I know now, that I can't act this way.

I am still with Ariadne in Cardiff and this totally helps. She has given me my courage back. Now I know - 100 % - that I am not alone anymore.

We have decided that we have to take this mission seriously. We do not know exactly what we have to do, but we know that we have to learn the lost sport. We have been send here to run the labyrinth.

We have to train all together. This mission is not just for us. It is meant for you, too.

I still can hardly believe that we are not normal people. But we have to cope with that. The other allies are hidden throughout the world, but because of you we can communicate. But I am still worried about about Mei Hui. She speaks chinese and I can absolutely not speak this language. I don't know. I just want to know that she is well.

The more we learn about the lost sport the more sense does it make for me. I don't know... I mean... but perhaps can... ähm perhaps some of you have read my diary. There is written.. yes, perhaps you know that I have been with Emiliy, a friend of me in York, I stayed with her. But the first time I visited her I took a taxi and I have had not enough money to pay the him. And, yes, then I have to find my own way. I closed my eyes and I knew how to get there. It was totally strange, but... well... yes... the labyrinth and how to run it blindfolded... perhaps I did this before.

This could not be coincidence. I know that we now have a mission and, well, we have to concentrate on the codex. We have to find the other chapters. That is important. I belive in those chapters content information we need for our mission.

Hopefully Theo does not pop up again. That was the reason I wnt to Cardiff. I wanted to be sure that Ariadne is ok. Hopefully he does not steal more things. We don't know who he is. But, well, I hope we are fine.

We can not run the labyrinth on our own. We need your help. We have set up groups on "Upcoming". There you can organize your trainings.

How the labyrinth has to be run, can be read in the codex. I know it is written in Esperanto. But I know that some of you have translated it. That really helps. But please learn the rules.

If you have any questions or if I can help you, just write an email or post a comment on my blog. Please. So, see you later. Bye.
We must all learn how to navigate the labyrinth. This is not just a matter for us, but for you too.

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