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[edit] 3/7/2008

Ich habe herausgefunden das es nicht nur ich bin der Amnesie hat. Es gibt andere. Fünf andere. Kann mir jemand das mal erklären?!

Wie können sechs Leute alle die gleiche Tätowierung haben, und alle mit Amnesie aufwachen, alle in einem Labyrinth, irgendwo in der Welt? Ich weiss nicht ob es so eine gute Idee war, so öffentlich nach Hilfe zu bitten. Ich habe Angst das ich wieder verschwinde.

gesendet von markus 13/03/2008 11:15

Video transcript by Mirkomick:
Hey, it's me again, Markus.

First of all I'd like to say thank you very much, to all of you for trying to help us all but also I'd like to say that I'm full of fear. I don't know who is behind all of this. I can explain that one person wakes up with amnesia, but six persons, this I simply can't explain. There must be someone behind all this.

I mean, what if, the person that is behind this...I don't know... How can you get amnesia without anybody knowing what is happening?

I simply DON'T know who could be behind all of this, if you know where I am right now, please, don't tell anybody, I fear for my life.

One person with amnesia I can understand, but six persons at once, there has to be something behind it. That's simply too much for me to, well I don't know, I can't understand it.

Maybe I'm simply paranoid, but I'm thinking people are following me, people are after me. When I'm running along the street I always look back if somebody is after me.

I want you to keep on looking for any clues, anything that couzld explain why all of us got into such situations but I want you to be very careful with it.

If we appeared so easily, maybe we can dissappear as easy, too. I fear for my life.

I discovered that I am not the only one with amnesia. There are other people. Five other people. Can someone explain this to me?!

How is it possible, that six persons haev the same tattoo and all wake up with amnesia, all in a labyrinth, somewhere in the world? I am not sure that it was a good idea to ask for help in the public. I am afraid that I will disappear again.

sent by markus 13/03/2008 11:15

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[edit] Notes

English transcription of the video see here

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