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[edit] 3/7/2008
Vielleicht erkennen Sie mich ja? Ich hoffe jedensfalls so...

gesendet von markus 13/03/2008 11:15

Entry text:
Perhaps you recognize me? I hope you do...

Video transcription by PatRol:
I know this is more or less hopeless, but please watch this video and maybe you can help me. (Fadeout)

I don't know who I am, but you can call me Markus. This tattoo is the only clue to my real identity. Trovu la ringon perditon. I met someone by the name of Emily. Emiliy thinks it may have something to do with a lost ring. She thinks that it is written in a language called Esperanto. She couldn't tell me more.

I woke up in a labyrinth outside of york and had no idea or memories about my past, I although don't know how i got there. I think I know how something like that can happen . Some people do get amnesia without a warning. What I cannot understand is, that there are five other people in the same situation as I am. Each of them woke up in a labyrinth. Each of them suffers amnesia. Each one has the same tattoo as I have on my arm.

I am about 1.80 meters tall, very athletic, strong and fast. My hair is at shoulder-length and I have green eyes. Look at me! Do I look like someone you know? Please, if you remember me then tell me. Please help me. Nobody knows who I am. Please.

sent by markus 13/03/2008 11:15


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