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[edit] A confissão de Eli (link)

[edit] March 13 2008 09:07

Com a ajuda de Eli poderemos descobrir o que é o anel perdido.

With the help of Eli we can find what is the lost ring.

I'm very proud of Ariadne. Finally she convinced Eli to help us. It was a good decision of her to go to Cardiff to confront him. I had a suspicion he knew more that he was talking about. And the [old piece of paper] that he found inside Phidias statue seems to make sense. But I think the real question is how did it end up there? In english...? I imagine now, with the information Eli gave us, at least one thing is clear: the why Ariadne, Markus, Diego and the others have amnesia. But how did they make this people have amnesia? And why? The waters of Lethe made the dead forget about life on earth. What could be that Ariadne and the others have to forget? I believe they are 6 who were sent to help us, but help us do what? I don't have certainties, I still have a lot to understand. Please, listen to Eli's information carefully, because I still need to know what happened with Renata. This could help us prevent that the same happens to our new friends. Now, I believe Renata's atleticism was no coincidence. She was also one the six. But I think she failed the mission. She never told me if she found other people like her, but she never told me much. According to the [old piece of paper], she couldn't tell me anything, and I think I can understand that. But is there an olympic committee who knows and practices/plays the game?... which is practiced/played inside a ring?

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English translation of the video can be found here

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