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// James (July 17/08)
In response to:
Theo Mission Teams
Hi everyone,
I guess they really don't believe that we're on to them because they
keep leaving voicemails... I found this one this morning... so here you
go! Hopefully we can get it re-recorded quickly! They're so suspicious
these days! I'm traveling so I can't be much use, but Eli is always
available to help out (when he responds to emails, that is).
You've all had some really good ideas for how we can get around the new
regulations... let's keep in touch this weekend while you all figure out
where this ring is being kept, then we can come up with a plan of attack
from there. I'm pretty sure that I will not qualify as a senior
executive member, nor will I be able to get to that level in time.
Like I said, we'll be in touch.

[edit] Attachment

A wav file was attached with important information how to get Lost Ring Number Four.

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