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// Eli Hunt (August 12, 2008)
In response to:
Hello Jasper,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I have thinking about this quite
a lot myself, as well.
I am increasingly weary that we are missing something crucial. I have
tried to be confident in our Beijing plan for the allies' sake. But as
a historian, I am worried we have not learned enough from the past.
We are working under the theory that one ally MUST remain, and we have
based this theory on the fact that one or the original travelers
stayed to found The Opposition.
But was that traveler forced to stay by the 5 + 1 principle, or did
that traveler choose to stay, based on a desire to oppose the other
How did the six get here in the first place, if one must stay behind
when six travel?
The best information I comes from my own experience, which I admit is
limited by the fact that we suffered memory loss at Delphi during the
moment of travel.
But why was Toria able to go home? This question I cannot escape. I
knew so little then compared to what I know now.
Please help advise if you can.
Sincerely yours,
Eli Hunt
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