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// Edwin Moses (July 16, 2008)
In response to:
people contacted him at this address: ftwmcdSPLATgmail.com
The outside world views us athletes very differently compared to
what's really going on. They see us only in our big moments. But in
reality, we are out there training 3-4 years ahead of time trying to
figure out "how to peak at the right time".
As you prepare for your Olympic moment, take time to think about your
journey to this point. Even before you learned the lost sport, you
were already developing your strengths.
You know your strength. You know what you contribute to your team. You
have been building up your Sofia, or your Thumos, or your Chariton, or
your Sophrosune, or your Dikaiosune, or your Mythopoeia, your whole
Maybe you never knew they would turn you into an Olympic athlete. But
you knew they were a core part of your heart and soul. And now they
are what drive you to win gold.
Winning gold isn't about one race. It's about years of knowing what
makes you stand out. What your gift is to the world.
To get ready for your Olympic moment on August 23/24, you have to
focus on your strength. See yourself as the most Sofia person in the
world. Or the most Thumos. Or the most Chariton. Or the most
Sophrosune. The most Dikaoisune. The most Mythopoeia.
Your teammates know this about you:
If you are their Sofia, you are the one of the world's cleverest players.
If you are their Thumos, you are the world's most adventurous athletes.
If you are their Chariton, you have one of the worlds' biggest hearts.
If you are their Sophrosune, you are one of the worlds' most trusted advisors.
If you are their Dikaiosune, you are one of the wolrd's greatest leaders.
If you are their Mythopoiea, you are one of the worlds' greatest storytellers.
This is your mantra for your Olympic moment!
Your honorary coach for 2008,
Edwin Moses
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