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Chapter 11: Many Worlds (1/2)
(translation by GeekDream, Rowen, Hikaro)
Each action doesn't have an equal and opposite reaction. You hardly would call a turn to the left, for example, the same as creating a parallel universe in which you turn right.

However, exactly that occurs.

Parallel Universes

Reality is made out of many parallel universes -- billions and billions of parallel universes.

Each universe represents a unique version of how reality could exist.

Think about reality as a giant tree with billions of branches growing in different directions. Each branch represents a different world where a unique versions of reality occurs.

When any decision is made in one world, a new couple of branches grow out of the tree representing that which would occur in each possible result. And as more decisions are made by people in those worlds, reality rebranches, and again, and again.

Each branch is just as real as every other branch, even though they often represent a wholly opposite version of reality.

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