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Chapter 2: The 6 Travellers (1/2)
(translation by Limako)
The 6 travelers Ch.2

We had forgotten everything when we woke up in this world.

Rakhee -- In a church courtyard in Trojaborg, Sweden
Akira -- Near a water mill (wheel) in Stora AnrÄs
Micha -- Behind the mill en Rocky Valley, Cornwall, Southwest England
Kelly -- On the cliffs of the archipelago of Scilly, near the southwest coast of Cornwall in England
Jorge -- On a farm in Stuartfield, Scotland
Jules -- In a cathedral, Bayeux, France

We were lucky, that the unusual manner of our arrival made a strong impression on the cityfolk who found us, half naked as we were, blindfolded, and reportedly unresponsive for several days and even then mostly unable to speak the local language. Information spread regarding our dramatic and unexplained appearance, and through great good fortune, those of us who awoke in the same region -- Rakhee and Akira, Micha and Kelly -- were soon brought together through distribution of local gossip.

However, it took more than a year for the rest of us to find one another and even longer for us to discover our true goal. If we hadn't had the tatoos on our right arms, I'm certain we would have been unsuccessful in our mission.

In the end, we learned to navigate using the code and used it to travel to the archeological site at Ancient Olympia. There we studied and questioned for many years, activating our lost memories, practicing our sport, and laying our plans.

Finally, we understood our mission like this: initiate your world with the lost traditions of the labyrinth and athletic synchronization, and restore a network of Image:artifact1B-greek.jpg{omphaloi}. If we succeeded, we would save not only many worlds, but also have the resources to return home.

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