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// Ariadne via Email to redhatty (Mar 3/08)
hi --------, good news!

well, big good news and little bad news, but I'm more excited about the good news than i am annoyed by the bad news.

so even though i have no idea who all those people you found are, i am convinced of course that we have to join forces. i mean, clearly we are connected somehow by our weird circumstances... and kai is going to redo my site so everyone can have their own blogs and we can all do this investigation together!

of course i have no idea still how to talk to most of them to explain this, maybe you and your friends can help me out with that!

also good news, I got the STRANGEST emails from a girl named Larissa who says something like this happened to her friend Renata FOUR YEARS AGO. i used the bablefish translator you suggested to read them, it's kind of mind boggling. like even more mind boggling that what has happened to me already because her friend disappeared in the end, and that's actually kind of freaking me out because i really don't want THAT to happen to me...

sorry, i'm typing really fast as i try to sort this all out.

anyway Kai took down the site to try to help get the other pages going, i though your friend might like to know i haven't disappeared entirely,

kai thought they might not be up for a few more days, sigh, that's the small annoying bad news, but whatever! i can't believe how much information you guys have found in just half a day! you're amazing!

i think already i will be grateful to you all for life. sorry to gush, i'm in a very strange mood right now.

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