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// Ariadne via Email (Mar 3/08)
hi -------,

this is really overwhelming.

on one hand I'm really happy to have some people actually talking to me and helping me. it's been a lonely couple of weeks here in Joburg by myself. and seeing other people in similar situations gives me hope that someone will know what the heck happened to us.

on the other hand, it sounds like no one really knows who we are still, and that's the main thing on my mind. I feel like I must have family somewhere, right? why haven't they found me? aren't they looking for me?

anyway. i'm just babbling because it's been awhile since i had someone to talk to, besides kai, and he is kind of busy with his own stuff.

the labyrinth... it's just a normal labyrinth, but a big one. i think there were like 11 loops around it. it took forever to wander out. i looked at markus' photos and the shape seems similar but the one i was in was huge, much much bigger...
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