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[edit] August 18, 2.08pm
Eli and I came to an agreement. It might shock some of you. Me, I'm just proud of Eli. And excited for him too.
So I'm blogging this, and then we're both leaving for the airport together. It will be really hard to say goodbye. Without Eli, I might still be sitting in a hostel in South Africa waiting for my family to find me.
Well, you guys found me, and you're my family now. That's why I'm staying.
I hope wherever he wakes up, Eli finds a family too.
But just to be safe, we're tattooing him with the omphaputer URL.
He has one final mission for you guys. I hope you're up to the challenge. And then he has a final message goodbye.
From Eli himself:
If all goes well next Sunday during the closing ceremonies, then I will need your help one more time. I need you to take over for me. To become the historian of the lost ring.
If our plan works, my voice will no longer be the official voice of the legend. Yours will. I need you to tell our history.
Perhaps some of you are willing to try your hand as a historian of lost secrets. We need a video to show others the history of our journey together, so that future agonothetai will know everything we've accomplished. If you can make such a video, then I will be truly grateful.
Sincerely yours,
Eli Hunt
Here's Eli's last podcast.
Damn. I'm all teared up as I listen to it.
Love you, Eli.

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