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[edit] Guest podcast! The mysteries of the ANTIKYTHERA MECHANISM! (Updated) (link)

[edit] August 1, 8.06am
As you may have heard, researchers have found out some amazing new things about the mysterious ancient computer. Things that WE know PROVE it was somehow related to the secret work of the original agonothetai!
And now, from 2008 agonothetai LeHall, ring stealer and labyrinth maker extraordinaire, a fabulous guest podcast about the Antikythera Mechanism! Download the Secrets of Antikythera here!
Eli listened to this podcast and wrote this:
"How marvelous!
A device for continuing to monitor the alignment of the universes. Yes, of course!
I wonder if any of our fellow agonothetai can add to this impresssive interpretation. Has anyone found an animation of how the device works? Any more details we could glean about how the movements of the machine might represent or transmit data? Was this the first omphaputer? Or did it work in some other fantastic way?"
More guest podcasts on the Antikythera Mechanism are welcome! We can have a whole series! Link to them on the forums, or email you podcast to Eli Hunt at
It's nice to know that after finding so many lost rings -- the lost sport, the Earth-omphalos, the sixth ring -- there are still lost rings to discover...
Awesome, LeHall adds:
There are several replications and interpretations of the mechanical movement, based on the '59 research and now adapted to allow for the more modern discoveries:
People have also built functioning versions, like this:
(Even now I'm astonished by the level of craftsmanship that goes into creating a device like just blows my mind to think of it having happened two thousand or more years ago.)
And there are also renderings of the Olympiad dial.

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