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[edit] July 16, 11.42am
I don't know who to trust anymore. Crazy Kentaro has me all confused.
Can your teammate be your enemy? Can your enemy be your friend? Should you trust your family, even if they seem out to get you?
Please. Help me figure this out.
Here's what we know about Kentaro. He's Noriko's younger brother, and he used to be a member of the 2004 lost ring team. He USED to be on our side.
Now Noriko, we totally trust. She's part of our 2008 team, and she's done everything she can to help us find the lost ring. But Kentaro, not so much. Even though he was sent to our world to find the lost ring in 2004, he could care less about our mission now. Something went wrong, and he switched sides. Now he's working with "The Opposition", the counter-agonothetai.
Most importantly: he's kind of crazy. Okay, completely crazy.
Larissa ambushed him a couple of weeks ago; you can watch the video on Larissa's blog.
Noriko is upset, of course. She wants her brother back on our side. She wants us to convince him to come to Beijing with us, and to travel through the omphalos with her, back to their home world.
I just don't see it. Kentaro is nothing like Noriko! He can stay behind for all I care. We're not going to waste a travel spot on some Theo lunatic.
BUT. Even as much as he makes my skin crawl, Kentaro IS important to us. He knows something we don't. He knows what the deal is with Markus. And we NEED to figure out what to do with Markus ASAP.
If you've watched the video, then you know that Kentaro told Larissa that Markus wasn't the real thumos for 2008. He totally confirmed my vision. That Theo somehow managed to divert Mauritz, the real thumos, and send Markus in his place. Does Markus have any loyalty to us? Has he done anything to help our mission? Or has he always been a mole, working against us, doing his job for The Opposition?
Markus swears that even if Theo meant him to be our enemy, he trusts us and feels like he is part of OUR team, not theirs. So do we trust him? Did his amnesia wipe out his Theo mission and make him one of us? Or is he fated to be our opponent? Can you ever really change sides?
We HAVE to figure out what to do with Markus before the Olympics. He's supposed to be our thumos. He's supposed to be our labyrinth RUNNER. If anyone could sabotage our mission, it's the runner.
Eli always says that to plan our future, we only have to look toward our past. So I have a feeling there's someone who can help us figure this out. Someone from our past.
Something happened to the original lost ring team back in 1920, after they wrote The Lost Ring Codex. Someone stayed behind to found The Opposition. But which traveler was it, and why? Are there any hints in the Codex?
Monica is sophrosune. And her great uncle knew one of the original travelers. She might not know any more than we do, but she can listen to our theories and use her strength to help us judge the situation. If you have ideas for who to trust and what to do about Kentaro and Markus, write her at

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