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[edit] Team Wellington PWNS the Multiverse! PLUS: Submit your Olympic team roster (link)

[edit] July 7, 11:08am
Check out the amazing times that Team Wellington clocked this weekend.
7 circuit - new world record! 1:25:25
3 circuit - new world record! 12.06

With times like that, we are SO going to win gold at the multiverse Olympiad in August! And with other cities training hard - and possibly beating Wellington's best times, I know they're trying especially hard in London and Vienna and San Francisco and Dallas -- we may even have a shot at taking silver and bronze, too!
Speaking of the mulitverse Olympics, Eli reminded me today that we need to get our plan together for the six cities who will be competing, one from each continent. We'll need a really strong dikaiosune in each city to help coordinate the synchronized start times with the other worlds. We'll need a really outstanding sophrosune to referee the race in each city and confirm the times, and a brilliant mythopoiea to document in with photos and video. We'll need, obviously, an all-star thumos in each city to be the runner, and at least 15 excellent chariton, sofia, and other wall members, since the official Olympic team size in 16 (including the runner).
Email me ( and our new Olympic champion ally ( with your proposed team rosters. We can only race one team from each continent, so cities on the same continent (London and Vienna, for example) will have to compete to see which team can put up the best time before the big day. We'll use videos to verify best times, to keep filming and submitting!

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