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[edit] Ariadne's Blog

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[edit] Bangkok, Wellington, and Melbourne have city labyrinths! (link)

[edit] June 23, 11:22am
You guys are seriously awesome. I am so honored to be on the same team as you all! Just look at these crazy city labyrinths!

From our captains:
Bangkok: "in 100 degree heat and 80 percent humidity we made the labyrinth! we rented a two-person duck boat lake, and paddled like maniacs for 90 minutes, sweating like crazy and trying not to pass out. and of course yelling at other boats to get out of the way because WE ARE SAVING THE WORLD! it was awesome."
Final omph strength: 1.61!
Wellington: "A team of eight Agonothetai completed the Wellington Omphalabyrinth on NZ's winter solstice, 21st June, 2008. We walked the entire route, which took 2 1/2 hours... I look forward to seeing the result of our Southernmost efforts on the Omphaputer! To Syncrhonization!" (Download their KMZ file)
Final omph strength:3.35!
Melbourne: "we started thinking the task to be easy..... but.. google maps and Melbourne were not kind to us. a LOT of the alley ways and small streets marked were privately owned by companies and could'nt be walked or dirven. this led to a lot more walking of the 15km route than expected. ( and with some running by me i still mostly beat the car to the next stop)" (Download their KMZ file|]
Final omph strength: 8.38!
Seems like making a trackstick labyrinth can be pretty challenging. Thanks for marshalling all of your ancient strengths to make these labyrinths real!
Summary: after a busy weekend. We're three city labyrinths closer to a complete omphalos network! Who's next? Paris? London? New York City? Boston? Tokyo? Buenos Aires? Sao Paulo?

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