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[edit] June 20, 7:12am
I know I promised to stay away from labyrinths. But I couldn’t help myself. I had to do a personal labyrinth one more time.
I had to find out the truth. I had to find out if one of us is a pretender.
Because I think that one of us isn’t really an agonotheton at all.
I know that’s a pretty shocking thing to say. Do I sound like a traitor to my own team? You think I should trust the others, right? After all, we all woke up with amnesia. We all have the same tattoo. We’re all on exactly the same journey, and we share the same mission. We ARE a team.
But I’ve had this nagging feeling for weeks that something isn’t quite right. Something doesn’t add up. Someone isn’t who he or she is pretending to be.
Many of you have suspected as much. You've written to ask questions. To warn me. I want you to know I heard you. And now I am sure you were right.
According to The Lost Ring codex, six agonothetai travel together, each one speaking a different language, each one possessing a different ancient strength.
But for months, someone has been acting less and less like a true agonotheton. Someone hasn’t been acting like their strength. And someone doesn’t sound quite right – at least, not like the person that someone is pretending to be.
So I did a personal labyrinth to try to see who my true allies are. I aligned with another version of myself, an Alex who is also on this mission, but in a different Gaia world.
She was in Munich. She was training for the lost sport. And she was with another agonotheton, another traveler.
He had the tattoo.
He was an amazing labyrinth runner. A true thumos.
He was German, and he was going by the name Mauritz.
He was tall, pale, thin, and he had dark hair – but he definitely WASN’T Markus.
I know the person I saw in my vision was the real German agonotheton. I can just feel it. He was the true thumos for this mission.
So what I want to know is: Who is Markus, and what does he want? Why is he pretending to be someone he’s not?
Markus, if you’re reading this, you have a lot of explaining to do. And don’t think you can run off and get kidnapped again to avoid telling the truth. You’re going to have to deal with me, and with the rest of team agonothetai. You WON'T get away with this.
And most importantly: don’t think for a minute that Kai or Eli are going to take you to Beijing if you’re not the real thumos. We WILL find our true thumos ally.
Everyone else, if you have any ideas for what to do next, PLEASE tell me. I can't believe we are missing one of our team. The lost agonotheton. Where is he? And what do we do with Markus now?
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