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[edit] June 11, 1.12pm
I've been wondering. Are we getting good enough at the sport to become multiverse champions?
Mei Hui really helped New York City really turn up the heat on the rest of the world this weekend. In Central Park, more than 150 agonothetai trained together. And one team broke the current world record for a 3-circuit labyrinth, with an astonishing time of 13.59 seconds! Watching the video, I have to say that their thumos has a very unconventional style of running. I wonder if that would work in a 7-circuit labyrinth? He might pass out from self-induced vertigo before he reached the end!
So I'm sure the other worlds are training right now too. I wonder what the fastest times so far are in Kenorland worlds, or Numa worlds?
Do you think there's any way to find out? Let's try! If we're going to win gold at the multiverse Olympiad, then we have to know how fast our competition is,

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