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[edit] Timeline


[edit] Chapter 7: We're not alone...

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[edit] March 24

  • It has begun - the Olympic flame has been lit, and begins its 130 day tour around the world.
"The Olympic flame lighting ceremony on Monday at the birthplace of Ancient Olympics launched the Olympic torch relay for the Beijing Games, which will last 130 days and cover 137,000 kilometers worldwide." (link)
Someone named Theo broke into her room, stole the Cardiff artifact and left a warning note on a postcard. Ariadne ironically says she'll leave Cardiff, but then makes clear she's going to stay true to her destiny, although she says she'll understand if people don't help her anymore.

[edit] March 25

He gives a short summary about the story so far and the personality test. He encourages people to make the test.
He posted the German translation of the fourth chapter of the Codex of the lost ring. Nothing more!
He posted the German translation of the fifth chapter of the Codex of the lost ring. Nothing more!
Help!!!! I want to read it too!!!
Chid12 contacted Miguel Angel via facebook. Miguel went to the place and found the following message (original was in French):
I'll communicate the recovery code to Lucie and Ariadne.
If you need it before, here it is
The 6th chaper of the Codex of the lost ring could be directly downloaded: (link) from the Omphaputer.
Now there is an answer to the question why the labyrinth is called "human labyrinth". We now know How to create the walls. The walls are formed with athlete's bodies. Because normally there are not so many athletes available as needed for the complete labyrinth, the wall has to move with the runner. There are several rules for the wall, e.g. the wall should hum to help the runner but is not allowed to touch or direct the runner.
She posted the Chapter 6 of the Codex of the lost ring.
She also requests a English-Mandarin translator for MeiHui - our Sofia!

[edit] March 26

New Delhi #1 - Navigate 31639 Scorpio 22 degrees
Boise #1 - Navigate 4473 Hermes 25 degrees
Lunglei #2 - Navigate 47847 Athena degrees 18
Both were found inside a Western Maryland Railway Company envelope.
Additional rules for the runner While running in the labyrinth are provided. For example, the runner has to start in the centre, has to run blindfolded with arms folded across the chest. There are some reasons for disqualifying the runner. The Sophrosune are responsible for the identification and announcement of disqualifiers and the Thumos train athletes and are best runners themselves.
And finally some reason for performing the lost sport is revealed. There is a connection between Doors and Parallel Paths. If all athletes across the many worlds perform the run in perfect synchronicity doors between the worlds will open up allowing communication and movement between the worlds. So we have to deal with many worlds not just the earth. We have to save the worlds.

[edit] March 27

There are Many Worlds. Each time a decision is made reality split up into two branches. There will be one world with the one decision (e.g. yes) and one world with the opposite decision (e.g. no). There are mainly two factors why parallel worlds differ from each other. The first factor is the human history, based on the decision each human makes. The second factor is the geological history, based on the "decisions" of the earth and different movements of the earth' crust. Therefore some parallel worlds have a totally different continent structure than our world.
  • Monica@Twitter: Intentando convencer a mi tía para que me deje entrar en la antigua casa de Alfredo. Misión 1: comprar una planta y una tarjeta de gatitos
Trying to convince my aunt to let me go into the former home of Alfredo. Mission 1: buy a plant and a card kittens
She describes this chapter as providing the rules of the Sport.
Interestingly, she also includes a photo of the Western Maryland Railway Co. envelope, and wonders what its significance is...

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