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[edit] Timeline Past

  • The following are events that occurred before Ariadne's awakening, taking place throughout history

[edit] 480 BC

[edit] 373 BC

  • A major earthquake and ocean swell sinks the city of Helike in the Mediterranean. (ref)

[edit] 200 BC

  • A carving is made in the ruins of Dodona, site of the oldest Hellenistic oracle, in the rough shape of Pangaea (a supercontinent theory not to be formed or named as such until 1920) (ref)

[edit] 150 BC

  • The Antikythera machine is built; a highly complex and advanced 'computer' believed to predict celestial events.

[edit] 393 AD

  • Theodosius bans the Olympic Games (ref)

[edit] 1873

  • A team of German archaeologists find "Pyrons Shard", depicting a strange, unknown greek sport with blindfolds. (ref)

[edit] 1888

  • Jorge appears in Stuartfield, Scotland.
  • Jorge travels to Madrid, finds out what his tattoo means, and returns to London
  • Alfredo (Monica's grand-uncle) is 6 years old.

[edit] 1889

[edit] 1891

  • The group begins figuring out how to get home. As written in the codex message in 1918, "We've taken 27 years in order to find our way".

[edit] 1894

[edit] 1903

  • Jorge's group returns to Madrid, and tell Alfredo (now 21 years old) about the Codex.

[edit] 1908

  • Mortiz Wach finds the journals of the German team who found Pyrons Shard, and he continues researching the lost sport. (ref)

[edit] 1916

  • The group begin training for synchronizing events.
  • recidivism? (ref)

[edit] 1918

[edit] November 11
  • The group writes the codex message, describing their mission, and what's required to save the world. This is almost 2 years before the Antwerp closing ceremonies.

[edit] 1920

  • The group plans a 'synchronizing event' for the Antwerp closing ceremonies.
  • The term "Pangaea" by coined by Alfred Wegener (ref)

[edit] 1948

  • The Pythean Manuscript surfaces in Dresden, Germany, believed to be no younger than the 3rd century AD. It describes the Oracle of Delphi. (ref)

[edit] 1953

  • Greek island of Kefalonia is shaken by earthquakes (in a period of hours, an ancient chamber is unearthed and briefly explored, revealing details about the lost sport, before it's reburied in aftershocks). (ref)
  • Eli discovers while in Kefalonia, a reference was made to the agonothetai in 136 BC (the 160th Olympiad year) where previously the latest reference was 480 BC, when their name was changed to hellanodikai (why are 'agonothetai' still be referred to 350 years later?) (ref)

[edit] 1977

  • Eli Hunt discovers a tiny scroll in a bronze statue of a snake goddess, which he found in Pheidias' Workshop in the ruins at ancient Olympia, inspiring him to study the mystery of the 'Lost Ring'. (ref)

[edit] 2003

  • Renata awakens in a corn field, in a similar predicament as Ariadne.
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