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[edit] The Story of the Lost Rings

Over the past five months we have worked together to unravel a clue of secrets nearly 2000 years old. It's path has lead us around the world. And, like a true labyrinth, we've circled back to where we started:
The site of the Olympic Games.
But this year's games are about more than medals. Ariadne, Lucie, Markus, Diego, MeiHui, and Noriko have followed the thread towards Beijing. Ariadne wants to stay in this world. It feels like home to her now, and - after all she has done for this world - I think we owe it to her. To decide for herself where her home is.
That's why I've volunteered to retrace the clue back toward the labyrinth's centre and take her place in the portal between the universes. It wasn't an easy decision, and, no doubt, there's another universe in which I choose the safer, more comfortable route.
But to say a lot rides on our success in Beijing is an understatement. And the other five refugees are relying on a sixth to activate the gate and go home. Home. An odd word, considering everything we've discovered over the past several months. I'm not sure where mine is anymore. And I can only hope I'll get a chance to return to this world sometime in the not too distant future. But if I do, perhaps I'll carry the secrets of that universe with me.
Whatever the case, and wherever I end up, I consider it an honour to have experienced first hand the legend I devoted my life to uncovering. I and the rest of the multiverse are grateful for your support. I also wish Ariadne and her friends the best of luck in Beijing.
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