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// Eli Hunt (June 30,2008)
In response to mr.judkins sending him our location suggestion (Mark Hutchins Gallery, Wellington):
How very clever -- of both the counter-agonothetai to devise this public cahcing scheme, and of course for the agonothetai to have intercepted and deciphered it!
I have gone through your solution and it appears solid to me in most respects.
However, the natural labyrinth design shown on the left of the map seems to me to be a more likely pattern for the actual labyrinth starting at the former tattoo museum. That is to say, it seems likely they are using labyrinth patterns on top of maps, or perhaps even satellite images, rather than tracing labyrinth patterns in the street -- thus allowing the counter-agonothetai to use more classical labyrinth designs and not be concerned with particular streets. I have reached this conclusion because it seems more possible to replicate according to the instructions. Using the streets, there seems much more room for error -- unlikely that the counter-agonthetai would leave such an important mission open to multiple interpretations of street patterns.
Therefore, it seems that while your solution is almost certainly quite close, perhaps you should be prepared to do a thorough investigation of other locations nearby. The ring should be in plain sight on display, as the message suggests.
I can't be certain, but my mapping of a traditional labyrinth pattern (instead of a street pattern) at that size, at a bearing of 12 Zeus lands the center just slightly eastward of your solution.
I will eagerly await news of your mission.
Sincerely yours,
Eli Hunt
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