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[edit] Ariadne's Blog

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[edit] You made some sweet, sweet omphalabyrinths this weekend! (link)

[edit] August 4, 11.22am
1 weekend, 3 continents, 5 amazing new city labyrinths. GO TEAM AGONOTHETAI!!
Wow. Our ally Elliot in Boulder, Colorado gave extreme effort this weekend... maybe the most of any omphalabyrinth maker so far? He writes: "I had a lot of fun making it. The labyrinth took about 7 hours, mostly on bike." 7 hours on bike! Elliot, you must be training for Beijing, too!
And I'm so excited to see an omphalabyrinth in the modern birthplace of the lost sport! That's right, Kitchener, Canada, where the very first modern labyrinth run was held (as far as we know!). Thanks Kitchener for joining us in the trackstick mission. You can see photos of the Kitchener labyrinth, which was 5 miles long and took two hours on foot (wow!) or download the Kitchener KMZ file.
Team Tokyo, which continues to amaze me (they broke a lost sport record this weekend too, for the 3 circuit!) created a supercool city labyrinth, and judging from their photos, they mounted a duck on their trackstick. That's cool!
Meanwhile, our ally Troag in Bergen, Norway made a super-northern city labyrinth for us, giving our network WAY better coverage. Here's the map he followed, above. You can also see photos of the Bergen journey here.
Team Los Angeles got their labyrinth made this weekend -- with Larissa to help!It looks like they managed to avoid interference from Theo! Good work. I'll update this post with a Google Earth image of their labyrinth when they send it to Eli (hint hint!)
That's five more omphalabyrinths total. If the omphaputer accepts them all, that means our trackstick network could be complete! (We'll have to wait to see how much coverage those 27 knots give us... will it be enough? Fingers crossed! Stay tuned!)

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