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[edit] June 3, 9.00am
That's the good news. But this is the multiverse. That means there's bad news too.
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I don't want to go home anymore. I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out.
Last night I was working late in the study with Eli.
We were calculting omph strengths and mapping out city labyrinths and trying to figure out a way to work with Theo so we can find the lost rings.
I was exhausted and I had been working for hours and I actually fell alseep on the desk.
I had a dream and it was a really weird dream. It was like a dream within a dream.
In the dream I was actually asleep in bed. And the phone rang and woke me up. So I answered the phone.
And that's when I heard a voice.
It was the same voice I heard inside the labyrinth.
My mom's voice. She called me Alex. My name is Alex!
I finally know who I am. I'm not Ariadne. I'm Alex!
My mom said she missed me. That my family was worried about me.
can that be true? Is my family still alive? I want to believe it, but it seems too unbelievable.
I saw them killed during the rapid shift. I saw them destroyed in Neopangaea.
I saw it happen again and again and again, and they never survived, not once.
But maybe my dream means that there's at least one world I didn't see. Maybe my dream means there's at least one world where they're still alive.
And if there's just one place, that's somwhere. That's something. That's a place I can go home to.
Except it's not that simple. If my family is still alive, then they're in a world that I didn't destroy.
Which means they're in a world that I didn't leave. Because I destroyed all the worlds I was aligned with. I know I did.
In the dream - well, that was obviously some other branch of the multiverse.
In the dream I wasn't a multiverse traveler. I wasn't on this mission.
I was still at home. I was still asleep in my bed. And that's the problem.
How can I go home to a world I never left? In that world, they already have an Alex.
It's like I figured out who I am, and I finally know where I'm going home. But I can't.
And that scares me. Until today, I was ready to jump through the omphalos, or whatever.
But now I'm not so sure. Where would it send me?
If we find the lost rings and we go to Beijing for the Olympics, and we figure out how to trave home...
Will this version of me just disappear because I have nowhere to go?
Or will I wind up in another world with amnesia, starting over again, where no one knows me?
I've already done that once. I can't go through it again.

I finally remembered who I am. But that doesn't mean I can go home. Please help me figure out what to do next.
What do you think happens if I try to go home to a world where I never left?
P.S. THANK YOU to my friends who added translations to my last video on dot.sub. We had complete German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese and Esperanto translations! You guys are really awesome. Thank you for helping me talk to more and more people. I never thought I would have friends from so far away and all over the world.

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