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[edit] About Me

I'm the Director of IT for a real estate company in Southern NJ, USA. My wife, Jean, and our 2.5 year old twins, Connor and Alia, live in National Park, NJ. We're very active in a medieval recreation group called the Society for Creative Anachronism (East Kingdom, Barony of Iron Bog). In the society, I enjoy fencing, cooking and gaming among other things, while she is a seamstress and the Kingdom treasurer. Together we enjoy dancing.

We both enjoy games, puzzles, decent movies, and exercising our brains.

[edit] Contacting Me

I blog at If Chaos Were Organized
Send me a private message at Unfiction.
Follow me at Twitter

[edit] TODO

Recommend that people use greasemonkey and wikEd to make editing articles easier, since it has wiki syntax highlighting and extended commands. Only available to firefox users.

Here's what I've been working on recently.


  • Finish converting all codex pages for each language into a standard template. Make sure Proof of Recovery exists for all pages. Make sure that all user names in translations are wikilinked for contacting them.Make sure all multipage artifacts have the pages in their title.
    • Esperanto // English // Deutsch // Español // Français // Japanese // Mandarin // Português // Nederlands
  • Continue work on SiteMap now that I've started the page
  • Catch up on all outstanding Twitter posts from characters

Beyond the Call of Duty

April 2008

Awarded By: thebruce
With AUZ505, partners in crime! Do you not need sleep either?
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