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[edit] About Me

My whole name is Khaos Farbauti Ibn Oblivion and i'm 29, living in France. FTLR is my first "real" ARG and i really enjoy having at last something to do that combine fun, brain and, kind of, reality.

As a roleplayer, it's really nice to have mysteries happening in real life instead of over a piece of paper and some dice.

I'm fluent in French (obviously) and English.

[edit] Ancient Strength


[edit] Contacting Me

I've got a blog called Tout le bonheur du monde 2.0 with everything needed to contact me (even my phone number is hidden somewhere in)

[edit] Self granted mission

Helping Lucie which seems to have been left quite alone. I just have to help a Damsel in distress !

Translator of the Month

May 2008

Awarded By: Weezel
Thanks for contributing, you've been a big help to the French community and I want to thank you on their behalf.
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