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[edit] Timeline


[edit] August 14

The Gaea person has to travel different, perhaps more like a Personal Labyrinth than Multiversal Travel
Toria perhaps could have travelled 2004 because it was at Delphi.
Delphi might be a special place - for travelling.
Eli wonders if he should send Alex to Delphi instead to Beijing, risking that she might could not travel at all.
?? found this new command.
Typing PAIGNIA/ALETHEIA/MEGAS reveals the times for the Lost Sport olympic labyirinths:
24 August 2008 05:30 Olympic Time
3 Circuit and 7 Circuit Labyrinth Finals.
Three rounds each; best time counts.
The 3-Circuit Event in 3 rounds: 05:30, 05:35, 05:40.
The 7-Circuit Event in 3 rounds: 06:00, 06:05, 06:10.

[edit] August 15

Markus takes the oath. He is not sure if can can make it to Beijing, but he wants the others to know that he is an ally.
Ready to leave for Beijing.
Ready to leave for Beijing.

[edit] August 16


[edit] August 17

Ready to leave for Beijing
MeiHui leaves for Beijing.
Lucie sees Markus on the airport
Markus is on his way to Beijing and met Lucie.

[edit] August 18

Ariadne will go to Beijing. She will not leave this world. And Eli... well, looks like he travels to Delphi taking Ariadne's role.
Arrived in Beijing
James on the Great Wall.
James met Markus in Beijing.
All (besides Ariadne) met in Beijing.

[edit] August 19

Meet a few new allies for team agonothetai. They're here to help us finish our mission in Beijing...
Showing Julie, Jane and Edwin V.
We are practicing for our 11-circuit labyrinth dance. (Thank you Canzonett and Dav for helping us to figure this ancient dance out!)
See Ariadne's Dance
Monica posts the "Everyone Arrives!" video
Lucie posts the "Everyone Arrives!" video
Markus posts the "Everyone Arrives!" video
Noriko posts the "Everyone Arrives!" video
Larissa posts an own video and the "Everyone Arrives!" video

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