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// James (July 15/2008)
In response to:
the failed pick-up of Lost Ring Number Three
Hi Laura,
Thanks for your email. I think that it is imperative that we get a hold of every ring! We know there's something inscribed in them, so we need to make sure that we have ample time to fully study them.
I'm sorry to hear that the first pickup attempt didn't go well. I'm convinced that Theo knows that something is up, but while they haven't altered their strategy yet, they're clearly being much more wary of people posing as Official Transporters.
From what I've understood so far, the person should arrive alone, declare themselves to be the ring transporter, and then give the password when asked for it.
Especially since we've now tried twice, the next person must show full confidence in their task. It seems that the galleries don't know who the transporter will be, but they will suspect anyone acting irregularly.
Good luck to you, and tell whomever picks it up good luck to them as well. I hope we'll have the ring tomorrow night!
James Mutters
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