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// James (June 26/08)
In response to:
Theo Mission Teams
Hi Everyone.
Today I got the access code to the Theo Voicemail. There is a TON of
activity. Going through the messages, I'd say there's probably 20 a week!
Anyways, I was just flipping through the messages trying to figure out
what any of them said (they're all in different languages so it's hard
for me to understand (I was a CS major! If the message had been:
System.out.println("hello theo"); I'd totally have understood. But one
message caught my attention. Someone said La Sesa Ringo! I got super
excited, that's the title of the last chapter of the codex, right?!?
Anyways, I might have gotten a bit too excited... I deleted the message
from the machine by ACCIDENT! I was thinking about playing the message
back into the machine, but what if there's somethign in here we need...
and we don't want other people to have, right?
So here's what we need to do:
1 - figure out what language this message was recorded in
2 - translate it and figure out what it says
3 - come up with a decoy message
4 - leave the decoy message on the machine
I figure we probably have 1, maybe 2 days before they notice it's
missing... HELP!!!
I know you all are a lot smarter than me at a lot of this stuff, let me
know as soon as you've figured anything out!
-James Mutters

[edit] Attachment

A mp3 file was attached with important information how to get Lost Ring Number One.

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