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// James (June 24/08)
In response to:
Theo Mission Teams
Dear Theo UnInitiates,
Great news. As of yesterday I have finally reached the threshold of 27 UnInitiates whom I have brought into The Opposition. I submitted my report last night. This morning I found out that I have received the promotion which we have been working towards. As part of my promotion, I will be given access to the voicemail box which Theo members use to report in. I should have that information later this week...who knows what will be in there, but I'm sure something in there will help us out.

Beyond that, I've been given more information about where Theo's network is stationed around the globe. The network seems to be much larger than I originally thought from the maps I had. I can tell you now that the following cities have Theo Organizations established:
Shenzhen, China
Brisbane, Australia
Tel Aviv, Israel
Kyoto, Japan
Tokyo, Japan
Copenhagen, Denmark
Tampere, Finland
Lisbon, Portugal
Barcelona, Spain
Leeds, UK
Montreal, Canada
Chicago, USA
An Arbor, USA
Portland, USA
Austin, USA
Honolulu, USA
Brasilia, Brazil
Caracas, Venezuela

If we have any agents willing to add to our omph strength by building a city laybrinth in these areas, *have them contact Kai immediately for a trackstick* (

I hope this is useful information for you all. I'll get back to you later this week when I've found out what's on the answering machine.

James Mutters
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