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// Theo via email to the Uninitiates (June 18, 2008)
Welcome, New Uninitiates.
We now have 10 confirmed initiates. There are 18 who have said that they would join our ranks, but most have fallen by the way side. You are the ones who have shown your colors, now you must find the leadership in you to convince and coerce those lagging behind to step up and show their strength. We are within reach, but we must complete this mission.
More people are also welcomed to find partners and join up.
You are the curious. You want to know. However most are not ready for the truth. Ariadne thought she was. It nearly drove her to madness. We must encourage others to Stay Blind, just as we encouraged The Six this Spring.
Your Mission:
Encourage others to Stay Blind
Get a piece of cloth, write on it the message 'Stay Blind'.
Spread the message by 'Blindfolding' Public Statues.
Don't get caught.
Post pictures to flickr with the tags: Lostring and StayBlind
See an example of one of our members spreading the message at the New York City Labyrinth training event June 11th.
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