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// Theo (June 13,2008)
In response to mr.judkins:
Thank you for your email. You are very correct that a few weeks can change everything. I'm actually Glad that Ariadne has come back up for air. This time, I can't take any credit for Markus' silence. Perhaps he is worried that he'll be kidnapped again. He needn't worry, it doesn't appear that he had that much information of use anyway.
I'm glad you are sympathetic to my cause now that you've heard about Toria. I truly believe that we can get the Omph strength high enough and if we do, I'll be able to see her again.
I think you're still a little bit off on your understanding of my goals however. The aim of Theo has always been to push off decisions for as long as possible and when, finally, our hand is forced, we give up the winning hand in order that another world may succeed while we may fail. This has driven our world away from the cluster of the other worlds, and therefore has strengthened their worlds and their ability to resist neo-pangea. It is our world which reaches the outer limits and our world which is at risk. This said, at every stage of our world's existence, inevitably worlds fail. For the past 4 years I have tried to make sure that it was ours. I have helped push ourselves away from the other multiverses out of a moral obligation to them. This year, yes it may be selfish, but I want to succeed... because there's a girl.
I appreciate your willingness to work within Team Agonothetai to aide me in recruiting members. I need at least 27, and so far I only have 4 fully confirmed members (though I have 12-16 in the pipeline who I am hopeful will help complete the tasks. Please ask people to find a partner who is not in their area of the world, then each should independently email the following:
Who their partner is.
The action or task which their partner will need to perform. (it should be something which their partner would not normally do.
The location where they will perform the task given to them by their partner (it should be a location which they to not usually go to).
Once I have approvable emails from each partner, I will let them know.
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