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// Ring keeper #5 (July 24, 2008)
In response to:
We need to arrange a time and location for the transfer.
Due to recent discrepancies with the rings, the sooner it is transferred, the better. I am currently with the cell in Dallas, Texas; there are two suitable locations (KPUMC and Unity Church) which would be ideal for a Saturday exchange.
For the glory of all the worlds,
message text, ':' indented
Great. Let's do this.
You obviously know where I am, from my theop number.
If you can get to this location in the next 10 days, then we can arrange for the dead drop. We'll need an hour to complete it. Bring multiple agents if you think it will make for a safer transport. Send me a date and time you can make it.
If you can't get here, I'll have to wait for an agent who can. Perhaps you can contact one and introduce us?
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