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// Noriko via chat with VictorSueiro (May 8, 2008)
Nanashino: hello
me: have you red my email?
Nanashino: yes
I need to go - but I will keep thinking. it's not good news either way. I thought James was nice...
me: what do you think? he is part of theo!!!
Nanashino: I'm trying to decide what to think
me: ???? is not too hard! wich is your side?
Nanashino: the right side
me: and wich is that side? define it
Nanashino: hahaha your side
me: hahahaha do you know wich is my side? or you as following me with blind eyes?
(you as=you are)
Nanashino: my eyes have no blindfold i can see
me: haha, great so, you dont want a new world a great place, a perfect civilization ?
Nanashino: that would be nice well, like i said, i'm still thinking
me: vause cause you know... i was thinking
Nanashino: i dont have enough information to decide what is going on
me: this world is going nowhere...
Nanashino: did markus join Theo? did they take him against his will?
me: i dont know... he just disappeared
Nanashino: is james one of Theo?
me: yes it depeneds
Nanashino: is that why my envelope says san fransisco? kai was so close to james
me: you, TheO is a relative concept
Nanashino: is he influenced? if so how much? all that stuff
me: mmmm
Nanashino: i'm just thinking
me: not yet... that was what james said kai is with ariadne... till now, maybe...
Nanashino: would he be honest with you?
me: why not?
Nanashino: if so, why? would he want you to belive kai is on our side?
me: why he would tell me such thing?
Nanashino: if so for what reason? because they seemed to be one step ahead they knew where all of us
me: cause that is what we believe... and we have to doubt about that
james is friend of kai
Nanashino: kai said I could trust james like I trust kai
me: and he have declared that he is in the TheO (=neopangea) side so, kai is liar cause he KNOWS what you an Ariadne wants... at the begining of all this...
sorry, he KNEW what..
and, if he told you that you can trust in somebody who is in the other side.... there is just two option
1) James lie to kai
2) Kai is with James, kai is a traitor
a traitor to the people in your side... but, i think that you havent decided yet...
Nanashino: no and i dont see why kai help us all along if he is on the other side
me: maybe cause he needs control over the six?
Nanashino: but people dont move without reasons behind it ahhh hmmm then after all the chapters are found, there could be a change but I hope not
me: have you red james? he said that he will convince kai to stop all this.... i think that kai will close all blogs...
Nanashino: i hope not i thought about all those things, so i'm trying to decide what to think i need more information, i think
me: what do you need? i dont understand you
Nanashino: its really nice talking to you, but i really need to go now
me: you dont know what to think about what?
Nanashino: what to think what actions to take
me: ? about james... about your side... about the world...
Nanashino: all that
me: great...
Nanashino: about markus
me: i will help you...
Nanashino: thanks! but i need to go now
me: i have made a choice and im working in consecuence ok! go go go!!! hahaahhaah
Nanashino: hahaha
me: nice to talk with you! bye!
Nanashino: thanks and chat with you later!
me: great see ya!
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