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[edit] June 20

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そんな事心配しなくて良いに、越したことはないんですが、、 もし100%に届かなければ、やはりマーカスに残ってもらう?もし100%行っても、マーカスの代わりにジェームズ?どうしたら良いんでしょうね。

(translation by unagi)
(blog translation)

If we cannot reach 100% omphstrength, somebody have to stay in this world. How will we decide it?

It couldn't be better than a situation we don't have to worry about such a thing, but ... If we cannot reach 100%, should Markus stay? Will James go instead of Markus even if we reach 100%? I wonder what to do.

(video transcription: see dotSUB)

(video translation)
We have to make the omphstrength as strong as 100% in order to let the six make a multiverse travel, but
so far it's around 72%, which would be calculated as a power which can let only four go home.
So, if we don't reach 100%, I'm afraid somebody has to stay here, and
how to decide it will be a problem.
Personally, well, I think it would be appropriate to let Markus stay here.
(She uses fairly euphemistic expression here)
Whether Markus is really an ally or not is uncertain now considering Ariadne's post.
But I think it is ideal that the omphstrength will reache 100%, so
I hope Agonothetai in Japan will strive and that a city-sized labyrinth will be built in Tokyo.

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