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[edit] Noriko's Blog

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[edit] カイさんとサンフランシスコで☆ // Kai and San Francisco (link)

[edit] April 9, 2008

カイさんとビデオをとったので、のせますね!無事にやっているので、ご心配なさらないで下さい☆ 色々と怖い事、というのは、みきさんのクリニックに送りつけられてきたものや、カリフォルニアが大災害にあっている夢なんかですが。。。

(translation by Rivanor)
In her video, she says that she's arrived safely in SF. She realizes that we may be wondering why she left for California and mentions that she had some scary dreams and some other things. She plans to give us more details later; right now, Kai is taking care of her and she is fine.

The text under the video says those "scary dreams and other things" refers to the items that were sent to her friend Dr Miki as well as nightmares she's had of California under a major earthquake/natural disaster.

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[edit] Notes

  • Describing more about the trip in her forum, unagi translates some main points:
Info from Noriko's comment in her forum:
- The postcard and the goggle in an envelope was sent to Miki's clinic, where she was allowed to stay
- The envelope seems to have been abandoned by a nurse
- This made her anxious about Miki's safety, but she decided to leave his clinic
- The postcard made her choose California
- For long she had been wondering whether to keep these things secrets, and decided to make it open
- Now Kai kindly has given her a prospect to stay for a while with his friend's help
- She wants to find what she can do to prevent California's landslide and Neopangaea
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