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[edit] April 5, 2008
岡山では、今日が桜の満開日でした♪ 明日雨が降るというので、すごい人でしたが、本当に圧巻されるほどの美しさでした。


(translation by unagi (text))
(text translation)
In Okayama cherry blossoms were full broom today ♪ As it's said to be rainy tomorrow, the park was very crowded, but the blossoms were really spectacularly beautiful.

I wrote this as a short note for mobile, but the mobile site was not available, I put it on this site. This week's incident ☆
(video transcryption)
(video translation)
Cherry blossoms are full broom. Hello. This week, Chapter 9, 11, 12 and 14 of the Lost Ring Codex were discovered. So the lost sports, the history of lanyrinths and our mission seems to have been much elucidated. In addition, Mr. Hunt presented the difference of labyrinths and mazes. And, because the rules of the lost sports are getting revealed, training events are held around the world. We'd like to run labyrinths also in Japan, wouldn't you? Cherry blossoms are really beautiful!

Tags: ラビリンストレーニング 週まとめ

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