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[edit] April 1, 2008

(translation by unagi)
(text translation)
I split the video into two, as I found it long while I was talking about recent things etc. ^_^;
(video transcryption)
オリンピアの失われた競技、っていうのも大分全貌が明らかになってきました。でも、ラビリンスを建造して、その中を走ることがどう多世界を救うことに通じるのかっていうのはまだよくわかんないんですけど、でも作ってやってみるしかないですよね。と私は思ってるんですけど。それから、Find the Lost Ring。これの意味がまだはっきりしてない状況ですよね。Ennjuleさんとかepicsさんがフォーラムで、多世界が繋がりながら円を描いて回っている姿がRingというものであって、現在はその**が切れてしまっている、だからそれを復活させること、シンクロナイズさせることが、Find the Lost Ringじゃないのかな、っていうことを言ってらして、なるほどな、と思ったんですけど、テストでSophrosuneって出てきた皆さん、いろんな仮説をシェアしあいましょう。
(video translation)
This mission can't be completed only by the six of us. For example, the Lost Ring Codex couldn't be even found without supports from all the world, and as it's in Esperanto, I can't understand its contents without those who translate it. Therefore I think the task can be completed only with everybody's help.
The Olimpic lost sports has been also mostly clarified. But I am not sure yet how building labyrinths and running throught them will cause saving the multiverse. But I think we have no alternative but to build them. And "Find the Lost Ring" ... what this means is not yet clear. Ennjule and epics said in the forum that Ring might mean the situation the many worlds is rotating in a circle connected to each other, that, as that **** is broken now, restoring it and synchronizing them might be meant by "Find the Lost Ring". I thought it's reasonable, but let's share different hypotheses, those who got Sophrosune afther the test.
And about my recent situation, I'm thinking of physical moving, as the artifact from Brussel was stolen and Ariadne got a thief. The place I'm here is really conforable, but I can't keep saying such a thing, considering Miki might come across a danger. I wonder who is Theo, but I think I'd better go away from here before detecting him, and I already asked Kai a fake ID. So my mind is occupied with the Lost Ring Codex, different hypotheses, and how to move from here actually, but strangely, I'm not scared. I think it's becase I have a lot to do and because you are supporting me. I am unchangingly looking forward to your supports.

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