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[edit] 歴史学者のハントさんと、秘密のサイト (The secret website of historian Mr. Hunt) (link)

[edit] March 13, 2008

秘密のサイトを教えてもらったんですが、自分のデータを入れて出てきた言葉は「Sop hrosune696 is active」どういう事? What means? このサイトは誰が何の目的で作ったの?何で私のデータが暗号として使われているの?何より、次にとるステップは?

(translation by kosmopol)
Last weekend Ariadne told us about that historian Eli Hunt and asked us to cooperate with him. Firstly Mr. Hunt hestitated, but :after that he also cooperated with us. And after that I've watchen his 3rd podcats, but I haven't recognized anything similiar to my :thought. Then there was a secret website. You know, this website is a little bit strange. There is just that IP address, and no :domain or site name. And you can see there a planetarium alike image of moving Earth. But Vladimir-san and Michelle-san told me :about it: if you input "Sophrosune", you'll get an confirmation. And if you put in data of my right ring finger length and my pulse, :there comes a message "Sophrosine is active".

I absolutely don't understand this meaning. I dont't get this meaning, why is it? And if this site isn't made by Hunt-sun, who has :generated it? And why they have my data in their system? And the others get the same message.

And what is the next?
I've got information about secret site, and I could input my own data, so I've got the message "Sophrosune696 is active". What does it mean? 'What means?' For which purpose has he made that site? Why is this my data like a password? And, what's the next?

Tags: ななしののりこ 秘密 ソフロシュネ ハント 失われた指輪を探せ nanashinonorioko secret [find the lost ring] Mr. Hunt [Trovu la ringon perditan]

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