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// Markus via Email in response to HitsHerMark (Mar 3/08)

Maybe you write what put in message in english for me?
Is hard with automatic translator, it not make sense.
My english not good, but I try to understand what you put.


In response to:
HitsHerMark 's answer basically that his English was better than her German, and suggesting a message that he could send to Ariadne. She also asked him if Markus was his actual name, and about his food and shelter situation...
Den Namen Markus habe ich angenommen - vielleicht ist es ja mein echter Name, aber um ehrlich zu sein habe ich keine Ahnung. Wahrscheinlich nicht. Ein Mann hat mich im Labyrinth gefunden und nach York gefahren. Er hat mich Markus genannt, nach seinem Hund der leider gestorben ist.

Ich tue auch mein bestes, Englisch zu lernen, i think i getting better at it :)

<< The name Markus, I assumed - maybe it's my real name, but to be honest, I have no idea. Probably not. A man found me in the labyrinth and drove to York. He called me Markus, after his dog who unfortunately died. >>

<< I am doing my best to learn English >>, i think i getting better at it :)
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