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[edit] Munich Omphalabyrinth! (link)

[edit] June 19/6:14am
Wow, das ist echt cool! Team München hat es geschafft ein Omphalabyrinth mit einer Omphstärke von 36.785 zu kreiern.
Der Pfad ist 68.7 Kilometer lang! Ehrlich gesagt konnte ich's kaum glauben.
(translation by Canzonett)
Wow, this is really cool! Team Munich has managed to create an omphalabyrinth with an omphstrenght of 36.785.
The path is 68.7 kilometers long! Honestly, I almost couldn't believe it.

Tags: Munich omphalabyrinth omphalab

[edit] Notes

Markus writes the decimal places not as a German person would usually write them (with a comma separating them from the "36"), but as they are written in the English-speaking world, i.e. 36-point-785.
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