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[edit] 3/25/2008

Wir müssen den rest des Codex' finden! Vielen Dank das ihr ihn weiterhin in Deutsch für mich übersetzt.

gesendet von markus 25/03/2008 05:59

(translation by AUZ505)
We have to find the rest of the Codex! Many thanks for helping me further on translating it into German for me.

sent by markus 25/03/2008 05:59
[edit] Video translation
Hy, it's me again, Markus

Well, many thanks that you further on help us. That is really... well... I think it's really great.

Ehm, well, what happened in the last week...well,yes...Eli Hunt, he has found this web site. There is a globe on it and there where some kinds of and green dots and some of you have found out, that these dots are actual places in the real world. And when you... well, I don't know... the names of those place - I think I have heard such things from you - When you entered the names of those places into the globe, it has given you directives, which enabled you to find pages of a lost codex.

I believe this codex is, well, probably a kind of instruction. Well, it seems like there are informations inside. I mean, there is written how a lost game olympia (Translator: he uses a strange German word order) is played and also information how to be a good agonothetai.

I belive this codex will give as a lot of information and helps us also, well yes, finding our true identity.

The first chapter of the codex that you found had some kind of personality test inside. I don't know - it is totally wierd. We have all - well, we the people who woke up with amnesia we have taken the test (Translator: He uses again a wrong German word) and it was somehow totally strange. The answers of it - those where exactly the same words we... I don't know... saw or... Anyway, I was Thumos, the same word that I - I don't know - that I saw in my vision.

Take a look on my blog and take the test. And than tell me what strength you have.

And if you have friends that want to help us tell them also to take the test.

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