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[edit] 3/13/2008

Wollte euch nur wissen lassen was im Moment los ist. Wie immer, ohne Ihre Hilfe w├╝rden wir alle verloren sein.

gesendet von markus 13/03/2008 11:39

Video transcription by Mircomick:

it's me again, Markus. Well, I just wanted to tell you what happened during the last days. This weekend Ariadne came to England to meet Eli Hunt. He said he wants to help us. He seems to know something which he doesn't want to tell us so far. I'm pretty sure that he somehow can help all of us.

But something he isn't telling us, something he is keeping secret/hidden from us but, I don't know, I somehow trust him more and more.

He told us about a mysterious website, it has no name, just an IP adress. The strangest thing about the wesite is, when you enter "Trovu la ringon perditon" or "find the lost ring" it asks for agonothetai identification. Eli talked about that before in his podcast. I don't know, maybe he knows something.

But when I entered Thumos696, the word and the number I had in my vision, the site asked me [And here he makes a very bad grammatical mistake in german; he says "mir" instead of "mich"; and again, he speaks fluent without any noticeable accent] about the length of my ringfinger and my resting pulse. I measured both and typed into the website and now it says that Thumos696 is active.

What could that mean? And how does the website know the lenght of my ring finger?

Eli says this site is not from him, he found it. Who could be behind it and how can we progress? I feel like this is a puzzle but a puzzle that gets new pieces each day. I want to find out how I can put those pieces together so I can understand what's going on.

Yes, when I....if I can still keep on having your help, that would really be great. [This sentence was strangely mumbled, as if he lost the thread]

Entry text:
I just want to let you know what is happening at the moment. Like always, without your help we all would be lost.

sent by markus 13/03/2008 11:39


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