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[edit] Interrogation of James

  • James was ambushed and persuaded to walk a personal labyrinth in San Francisco, May 29th.

[edit] Part I: The Ambush

  • Step one: Assemble our team
  • Step two: Capture and interrogate James
The phone number James used before the ambush has been identified:
(646) 537-2537
Calling this number will get you an answering machine:
The recording is a man's voice with an accent that probably is Japanese (Kentaro?). He says something like:
You have reached a recording station for the Opposition, please record the results of your mission.

[edit] Part II: The Labyrinth

section 1:

  • Step three: Convince James to walk the labyrinth

section 2

James vision:

It's her. She's...
We're...We're on a hill...
Sh...she's ba...she's still here?
We're hidding. We're in... We're in a forest - no. We're on a hill.
You guys are...
(pointing on ?) You're running a labyrinth!
You guys are...
She said:
"If they do ist fast enough, get the omph strenght high enough..."
I can go back with her.

section 3

James' story:

Okay, so...
So four years ago,
I was...
I was living here in San Francisco on...
up by, by...
Grace Cathedral. And, and there's this girl, who I see
and she's... I see her every, every evening
while I'm walking home from work. And...
and she's... and she's in the labyrinth there and she's
just walking. Just every single night, and...
and like a couple weeks go by and I get the courage up and I'm like
"Can I help you?" You know, what're you, what's...
So her name was...
Toria, and...
She, she had the most amazing story!
At the time, of course, I didn't believe.
Um, but she, you know, took...
took me into her...
...her confidence... mostly.
I didn't--I mean, I didn't really...
I didn't really believe it until... until I met Renata.
And Kentaro.
Well then I mean... they were part of the 2004 team.
And, and so at some point--at some point, Kentaro just goes nuts. I...
She didn't tell me much of what they were doing, but...
She had to travel a lot,
she was doing these things just all over--all the time.
And Kentaro went nuts! And he--he just fell off the radar.
They couldn't find him.
And, and, so something obviously had gone wrong and...
and Eli was helping them, and he said that they all had to go to
to the Olympics. And they had to...
they had to do a labyrinth at the Olympics,
because then one of them could leave.
and go back and tell
tell people what had happened.
and Renata was going to leave...
and so they all left, and I...
I saw them off, and...
and the Olympics happened in Athens, and...
and I went to pick up Toria at the airport and...
and Renata walked out!
and I... I...
so she tells me this story, that, that they're there, and...
and suddenly Toria is just...
just begs to go.
BEGS to go. I mean,
I don't understand it. Because she and I had talked.
We, like...
She didn't know anyone here, but we were gonna...
she was...
She had a place here, with me... and...
I was...
So she begged to go.
And, and, Renata wanted--
I mean, Renata wanted to leave!
Renata wanted to go home! Renata felt like she could tell the story.
and Toria left instead.
I mean I was heartbroken. I mean...
I didn't know what to say.
And Renata was pissed. She was so angry, and...
So a month later, Renata
Renata comes, and sees me, and she says that she's seen--she's found Kentaro. And...
and she's... joined the Opposition.
and then--and that they have answers.
And I was so...
I was so... angry that she'd left, and I...
So I said, you know, what the hell? I want to figure out what happened.
and so I joined with Renata and...
And you know what, over time I, as I figured out what they do
It makes sense.
And it's...
I know it comes off like creepy, and evil, and...
and that's maybe not the right way to go about it, and...
So I just...
I just--I just saw Toria, and, and,
and she said that there was a chance, that I could...
If, if we get the Omph Strength high enough,
that, that more than just the six could travel.
And I, I...
I think I can help you guys.
I'm not--
I'm not going to leave Theo, I'm still a member of Theo, and...
and I think we can help each other.
I think you guys can help me and I can help you guys.
Because, I mean if there's a chance of seeing Toria again, I'll take it.
Alright, what do you want to know?

[edit] Part III: Theo

section 1:

section 2

Alright, whaddya want to know?
Tell us how Theo makes sense.
Yeah, 'cause right now it doesn't!
And I want to know if my--if my theory was right.
Does anyone have a quarter?
Now let's say if this is heads--
then I'm going to throw you off the roof.
I don't like the sound of that.
And if it's tails, then I'm not.
Would you rather--
that we figure out what it is,
and then a decision is made, and there is a branch, and in one it's tails and in one it's heads--
Or, it's right here, you put it back in your pocket--
And you never look at it.
And there's no decisions to make.
In that particular example I would rather no decision was made because that way neither of me is thrown off the roof.
So--so with Theo it's... it's a moral thing.
Is it really right--is it right to make...
Is it right to win at the expense of...
someone else losing?
And... Theo believes that it is morally right to--
if you HAVE to play, to lose.
So essentially they would rather that we get Neopangaea than everyone else.
So... by forcing ourself
It was tails, I could tell.
So if.. you've got the tree that branches, right?
And... if we succeed...
If we succeed, the branch is erased, it never existed.
...the branch goes this way, and another branch goes this way, and...
And every time there's a decision it branches, but what we're doing is we're taking ourselves--
We want to be out here,
We Theo?
We Theo...
We want--we want our world to--
--be way out here where the locus of worlds is here.
Because... if we're going to fail, and if we're going to fail catastrophically,
Then we don't want everyone else to get hit.
That's right.
The theory is, if we desynchronize enough then when we fail, no other worlds will be affected, just ours.
Or as few as possible.
It does make sense...
It's sort of...
...it's kinda pessimistic, but it makes sense.
...that's why they keep talking about sacrifice.
But it does sort of eliminate the possibility of success.
Right. That it does.
And that's...
part of the issue.
Part of... and that's part of the moral question.
Alright I've got some questions.
He whips out the paper!
Do you happen to know what the Pruvo code is for Lausanne, Switzerland?
Do you know if Theo got that particular artifact?
'Cause we sure as hell don't!
It's been recovered apparently, do you know if you have it?
Could you give us that Pruvo code?
Yeah, you guys are going to like me a lot.
I think I can help you out.
So I take it... what was his name?
The person who Renata met?
No, no, the other person. The person she searched out for.
Oh, uh...
Oh, Kentaro.
Kentaro, yeah.
Is that the scar-man?
Oh, that Larissa saw?
He did have a scar. Yes.
Was he the Thumos from four years ago?
He was.
And... was he related in any way to... was it Mei Hui or--
I don't know.
'Cause a few people thought that he might be Noriko's brother.
So when did Theo start?
It's... I mean, I mean I don't know everything.
Course you don't.
I'm--I'm in my own little cell.
They tell me what, you know.
Enough to get me involved in what I need to know.
But I know that...
I--I believe that it was in 1920, that one stayed behind.
And didn't travel home in the 1920 Olympics.
And that's where we got--that's where...
That's where our story began.
Did you guys, uh, Theo track the statues of the Five Rings?
Oh oh yes! The Lost Rings!
I-I don't know about statues.
I know that we have... it's called the "Sixth Ring."
And... and it's been in the organization for as long as I know.
But it's considered one of our greatest successes.
Having and keeping ahold of this
And... and I know it moves. It moves a lot.
What does it look like?
I don't know.
Why is it considered one of your greatest successes?
I don't know that either.
Not it's power... or it's inscription?
Hahaha, it's inscription.
"One Ring to rule them all..."
Just kidding.
Not THAT inscription.
So when did you join Theo? When you...
In 2004.
That's right.
Renata convinced me to join... she's... she's who I report to.
And she really doesn't want to talk to Larissa?
She feels like Larissa really needs to be kept in the dark.
Do you think it would help to turn Renata, if Larissa would contact her?
I--I don't know.
Could you provide that contact information to Larissa?
Larissa would really like to be able to contact her.
You know, I understand that.
Um... that could be... that could be dangerous.
If we're going to help each other, then...
It could be a deaddrop or something like that. There are ways to go around things.
Expert. (pointing to Ariock)
But the information still would have come from me, so that makes it very difficult.
I'm curious about something--did Theo know about the Omphaputer before 2008?
And where the hell did that thing come from?
That was going to be the followup question if the answer is "yes."
They don't know anything about it.
So if Theo does, I'm not--I'm not given that information.
Is there anything more you know about Eli than what we know?
I know he was a real dick in 2004.
Well, he thought he was doing the right thing.
He doesn't seem to be--
Sound familiar?
...much more helpful this time around.
The other Omph Knot locations--do you know where those are?
Where are the other counter-agonothetai?
Oh that's right! Like, here is one.
I... I think I can help you out with that.
So when... alright, so my rule is to lead the team against the 2008 Agonothetai.
And, when when I was given this role, I got a bunch of maps.
And I was told that if I went to these cities, there would be other members of Theo
who would be receptive to me and would help work with me as needed on this task.
So I have... I've got a bunch of maps that I can give you guys.
So where's the next place you were supposed to go?
Uh... I don't know the next place...
There's no order.
Yeah, there's no order.
It doesn't matter what order we do them in. I suppose ideally we'd do them all simultaneously...
How did you know Ariadne would appear in South Africa?
I was told to send someone to the largest walkable labyrinth in the world.
And that labyrinth in South Africa was just built--I believe a year ago.
So it was... a good guess. Call it a lucky guess.
A very good guess.
So, next question is... has Markus actually escaped, or has he...
Oh yeah. Ha ha. Markus.
I--I was given enough information to feed to you guys what I did, but I wasn't given any more information.
What about Thermantia?
Or is that just a codename?
A name that someone has been using--could be Renata for all we know.
That I don't know.
Interested in doing any human labyrinths?
I would need a disguise...
I actually have a disguise! I have a pirate patch, and an oversized cigar, and Groucho Marx glasses...
I think that could work.
There's gonna be one on June 7th.
Aw, I wish I could go.
Do you guys have more questions?
We've pretty much run out of mine. I mean, those were the main ones right there.
Who were you talking to? Who you told you were compromised?
That was... it's a... it's a voice drop.
It's just an answering machine where I...
Are you going to be able to counteract the fact that you said you're compromised? Or are you now compromised?
I'm going to have to help Kai out... he, uh... he may not be downstairs anymore.
We'll have to figure that one out.
AH! We should have seen this coming.
I think, no, I think...
I think I can fix it.
I hope so!
So I--so I have some information, that I can give you guys--even today.
But... I need--I need to be able to show that I'm still gaining members. That I'm drawing people in.
That I'm bringing people in from this year's Agonothetai.
So... I'm going to need help recruiting you. And... whomever I give the maps to, tonight, I'm going to need you to take a pledge.
Not the same pledge that the Six take?
That would be ironic.
It'd be interesting to see how parallel they are.
I do have the Oath.
I do too! Although I may not have the translation, or it might have blown over the edge!
Careful! If you read it, you're taking the Oath!
I guess I'm taking the Oath.
Hang on, I need video of you taking the Oath.
Like actually.
I'll do it. You guys have my back, right?

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